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Increase your mobility with stretch, self myofascial release and various other techniques geared toward helping you maintain your physical health and ultimately increase your quality of life. Below is a library of resources that you can utilize without ever leaving the comfort of your home. If you have any difficulty viewing our resources please give us a call today at (727) 398-3999.

Stretch Techniques

How to Stretch the Hamstrings
How to Stretch Quads
How to Stretch the Outer Thigh
How to Stretch the Inner Thigh
Stretches for a Tight Psoas
Seated Piriformis Stretch
Calf Stretches
How to Stretch the Ankles
How to Stretch the Lower Back
Quadratus Lumbar Muscle Stretches
How to Use a Lat Stretch to Relax Tense Back Muscles
Stretching Exercises for the Pectoralis
Activities That Require Wrist Flexion & Extension
Geriatric Neck Stretching
Neck & Shoulder Stretching Exercises