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Auto Accidents / Injuries

There are more than 200,000 car accidents each year in the state of Florida. Being involved in a motor vehicle collision causes trauma to your body. Examples include concussions, headaches, whiplash, bruising, strain/sprains and discopathies. This can be a stressful time for you. With 28+ years of experience, we are here to help! Call today!


A sprain is injury to the ligaments. A strain is injury to the tendon and/or muscle. Whether you suffer from a sprain or strain, injury due to a motor vehicle collision can cause pain, inflammation and subluxations. Call Today.

Florida Car Insurance And Law

Injured drivers have 14 days from the date of accident to seek medical care. Please know, that if you are not the at-fault party, your insurance rates will not rise for filing a claim. 

In the state of Florida drivers are required to carry PIP coverage. Personal Injury Protection is normally 80/20. This means 80% of medical expenses will be covered by the car insurance company and 20% will be the drivers responsibility. There are policy add-ons such as MedPay that will lessen the driver responsibility. If the involved party seeking medical care was a passenger at the time of the collision, he/she may utilize benefits under their own car insurance policy. During this stressful time, it is common for lawyers to get involved due to the severity of the situation. Dr. Randal Butch and his staff are here to help!