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Subluxations / misalignments occur as a result of trauma, stress or activities of daily life. A subluxation is an improper alignment of a joint. This joint can be vertebral or it can be an extremity such as TMJ, wrist or knee. The improper alignment of the joint causes the nerves to not properly supply the involved muscles, tissues or organs. This can cause pain, reduced range of motion, in proper bodily functions. By correcting the subluxation, it restores proper nerve innervation and allows the body to function at its 100%.

The adjustment to correct the subluxation can cause a sound. It is a common misconception that this “sound” is “bones cracking”. The sound you hear during your adjustment is actually gas releasing between the joints.

Depending on your condition and the last time you have been to a chiropractor, Dr. Butch may recommend that you apply ice to the affected region after your adjustment. Every one’s body responds differently to an adjustment and our doctor and staff are here for you every step of the way.