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For those recovering from a cold/flu, allergies, a student taking on the stress of exams, manual laborer, an athlete in fields like Crossfit and triathlon, those living with an auto immune condition, or just a individual looking for healthier ways to live life, Dr. Randal Butch and his team at Seminole Chiropractic Wellness Center can help you achieve all your fitness, health and wellness goals! 

Weight Loss/ Stress Management/ Fatigue/Digestion

Dr. Butch is an expert in diet and nutrition. Our clinic is here to fully support you on your journey to a healthier way of life. Call for a consultation today! 

Sports Injuries

Whether you are a crossfitter, golfer, triathlete, or gym rat, injuries happen. Our clinic is here to get you back to optimum performance.

Posture Correction

In practice 28+ years, Dr. Butch has perfected his knowledge in the musculoskeletal system and will utilize spinal manipulations, corrective exercise techniques and stretching protocols to help get that spine in line!


Proper communication between the brain and spinal cord will strengthen both the immune and respiratory systems. Receiving spinal adjustments to restore proper nerve innervations is crucial. Spinal adjustments are not the only defense against allergies that we offer. We also take into consideration the body’s natural function/process and its response to allergens. This allows Dr. Butch to further boost organ and glandular response by providing whole food supplements and dietary recommendations to you.

Auto Immune Conditions

About 50 million Americans have been diagnoses with an auto immune condition. Living with autoimmunity himself, Dr. Butch understands the importance that diet and nutrition plays in his life. Call today to schedule a consultation with Dr.Butch and to see how he can help you.